A company dedicated to creativity, imagination and fun.

Mark Hollon, founder 
3D Cincy

Founded by Mark Hollon, a professional designer with over 40 years experience in design, 3D Cincy is a company dedicated to excellent customer service.

From a child, Mark had always been fascinated by how things work. He followed that path through to college and completed a degree in mechanical design. Using his approach of “Imagine, Create, Touch”, Mark was engaged by Fortune 500 companies in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Department of Defense industries. This experience led Mark into the world of 3D printing.

Mark founded 3D Cincy, promoting new-era technology in 3D printing. A hi-tech company was born based on the same “Imagine, Create, Touch” principles. 3D’s approach offers personalized design. Whether you need product design and prototyping, 3D printer repair, retail purchase of 3D printer supplies, tools and parts, or training in 3D printing, 3D Cincy offers it all!

Visit our showroom or schedule a meeting to discuss your needs by calling (513) 795-7951.

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